Start planning Arrowhead 135 v2014, 10th Year of Challenge. Date: START 7AM Monday JAN 27th, finish by Wednesday JAN 29th 7PM. Registration for race veterans starting 9-1-13 and for rookies starting 10-1-13. Arrowhead 135: winter northern Minnesota’s Superior National Forest, scenic, rugged Arrowhead State Snowmobile Trail from AMERICA’S FRIENDLY ICEBOX:  I-Falls to Fortune Bay Casino near Tower, MN. Pick mode of transport at start: foot, ski, bicycle. Growing from ten crazy racers 9 yrs ago to 135 starters 2013, some of world’s best winter ultra-athletes competing along with those of us just out for Adventure or Personal Test!  Roster filled. YO MOMMY WON’T RESCUE YOU…see you in I-Falls!