My “short” race report
Arrowhead for me has like 8 parts or so
part #1 the race check-in and pre race meeting when you see everybody has better lighter gear than you, and people post videos of how nicely they taped their feet … and you GOTTA DO IT … right before the race
part #2 Start to Gateway gas store where it’s pretty flat and wide, about 37ish miles, i only got lost there once when the trail made a left but i continue straight
part #3 is from Gateway to MelGeorges “resort” , another 37mi-is. In my mind i call it the “Gateway to hell” because on this section there are a lots of short steep ups and downs, to MelGeorges resort
part #4 From MelGeorges to the tent. I never remember this section. After every ar135 I go see a therapist and do EMDR to forget all about this section. Just trust me 🙂
part #5 last 26ish fairly flat miles to the finish. This year I got there in the best shape, and maybe 10 miles into this section… somehow I pulled both my left and right back muscles. So the last 15 miles took over 10 hours and I walked sideways and had to stop and stretch every half a mile.
part #6 when you get to the finish line and every racer looks good, fresh, happy …. They probably all slept 8 hours already because they seem way too awake
part #7 when you get the “goodies”…the main reason we do this… last time was a duffle bag I love, this year was a hat and a little plaque with ***MY NAME*** ALREADY ENGRAVED ON IT … they keep changing it so i need to register again
#8 when you need to stay awake, and wait for other racers to finish and find people to share the $250 taxi back to the start
I guess there is another part when a week later friends ask you “how did you do”… And you realize you forgot to look at the results and you’re happy you survived…34th out of 46
– in the auditorium it says “Knowledge is Power – BACON “
– don’t change anything before the race, except if you think it will make you faster, in which case change things right the day before the race..that is OK … Ken Krueger encourages it … keeps the finishing rate under 50% he says
– I didn’t lose weight…. again… if anybody ever tells you that running helps you lose weight .. that is bullshit invented by speedy marathon runners
– At Arrowhead exposing your skin to the elements is perfect for the new en vogue “cool sculpting”