Happy October! SnowBike Races and tough condition Running events breaking out all over the place. If you are sticking around Minnesota the weekend after our race and haven’t frozen too much the City of Lakes Loppet is having an inaugural snowbike event this year as well as the Birkebeiner in Hayward mid-March.  For the Arrowhead….over 130 accepted entries so far, coming in fast. We cap the race at 135. Most folks seem darn qualified, nice smattering of internationals and my gosh a bunch of nice NODAKs!  Behind on website and sponsor updates, hope to catch up this week woops too many foster babies. Some motorized land access issues in news along parts of Arrowhead, let you know if anything changes, currently intend to run usual unpredictable trail condition Arrowhead race so be ready…..WeeHaw!