altphoto by Chris Gibbs

Checkout “Arrowhead, The Movie”  for nice idea of what Arrowhead 135 is about.

Checkout “Making The Arrowhead” for our nice trophy…..besides your pride.

 ITI, Equinox and White Mountains races bring an end to another great winter of Adventure!  Amazing new bunch of snowbike races cropping up this year around Midwest and looks like Running Ultras are more popular than ever.

2013 Arrowhead posting up info on website this summer, no major changes, race dates likely last week of Jan. with signups Sept for Arrowhead Veterans and October for new folks.  Pay attention cause we will be filling up again pronto.

Arrowhead donated nearly $10K to Spec Ops Warrior Charity since 2011, lots to Int Falls FoodShelf and gave several hundreds each this year to the Ash River Snowmobile Club and Cook Timberwolves Club who helped at Checkpoint SkiPulk.

See You Around!