altphoto by Brian Peterson

“If I am asked: What is the use of traversing the Arrowhead?  I reply, No use at all; no more than kicking a football about or dancing or playing the piano or writing a poem, or painting a picture….But if there is no use, there is unquestionable good in ascending Mt. WakemUp and completing 135 hard miles.  The accomplishment of such a feat will elevate the human spirit.  It will give men and women a feeling that we really are getting the upper hand on Earth, that we are acquiring a small bit of  mastery of our surroundings….If Man stands at the Arrowhead finish he will have an increased pride and confidence in himself, in his struggle for ascendancy over matter.  This is the incalculable good which the finish of the Arrowhead 135 will confer”..Sir Francis Younghusband-RGS 1919