A good collection of photo galleries, articles, and blog posts.

Blog post by Ben Doom, 1st male biker.

As usual, a great story by Charlie Farrow and the secretive DBD society.

Article in the TimberJay.

Article in Bring Me The News.

Article in StarTribune about Leah Gruhn.

Article in Minnesota Public Radio.

Article about Tyler Johnson.

Article in The Nxrth, with Kate, Leah, Jill, and Ken.

Photo gallery from Jamison Swift, volunteer extraordinare.

Link to panel discussion before race.  Moderated by Kate Coward, panel includes Jill Martindale, Petr Ineman, Gretchen Metsa, Scott Hoberg.

Blog post by Back of the Pack Racing.

Video by Ryan Sarka.

Blog post by Dawn Marie.

Blog post by Alan Chapman.

Blog post by Huge Holstein.

Blog post by Christian Worby.

BIG photo gallery from Ben Sunne.

Photo gallery of finishers.  Judging from the list, I don’t think every finisher is in this gallery.