We are going to postpone 2021 Arrowhead registration for all racers until 8 am CST 10-10-2020. We will do our best to put on the race as long as we can do it safely. We want to see how school openings, executive orders, and border/travel restrictions may impact the race. We look forward to seeing all racers, volunteers, and sponsors soon. Race date for the 17th annual Arrowhead Ultra 135 are Jan 25th – 27th, 2021.The 17th annual Arrowhead 135 will be Jan 25th to 27th, 2021.

Registration will open 9-1-2020 8 am CST –  in 2020 we filled our roster in record time.  See the race info tab for the current roster.

Registration for the 2021 Arrowhead Winter Ultra Race will be handled by UltraSignup.  On 9-1-2020 you can find the registration page HERE.

Race registration opens for ALL racers September 1, 2020, 08:00 CDT.

We limit our roster size in order to maintain solitude on the trail and to keep our check points from becoming over crowded. We cannot accept all entries. Preference is given to race veterans and past volunteers. ALL applications will be added to a wait list and reviewed. You will receive a confirmation from Ultrasignup if your application is accepted. If you don’t get a confirmation in a short time please check your e-mail spam folder. You will not be billed until you confirm acceptance. We will keep a small wait list

You must have a qualifying race before applying.  For bikers, we require at least a 200 mile road bike race or 100 mile off road race, preferably in winter.  We require at least a 100 mile race for foot and ski competitors, preferably in winter.  If you don’t have a qualifying race but feel you have other experience that would allow you to safely complete Arrowhead, please list that on your application.

Pray for cold and snow – we look forward to seeing all the racers, sponsors, and volunteers.

General qualifying requirements listed on application. Keep in mind, this race is unlike any Ultra you likely encounter in lower 48.  You can freeze your tail off if not careful and then we would feel very, very bad and the race likely would not happen next year and we would have to notify your next of kin.

Accepted Entries non-refundable (please don’t ask).  We limit the roster to maximize solitude on the trail, we cannot accept all applications. When the roster is full, it is full.  We can’t guarantee race veterans a spot if they apply late.