Lots of good articles and photo galleries.  This year’s Arrowhead was a media circus Tuesday and Wednesday.  There are quite a few articles about the race and racers out in the world.  I have a few here, but I think many media outlets just re-posted the AP and Reuters articles.

Article at Fox9 MN article and VIDEO.

Audio clip at NPR All Things Considered.  “Oh, hell no.”

Audio clip with Ken Krueger on BBC.

Article in MPR.

Another article in MPR with John Storkamp.

Article in CNN.

Article in TIME.

Article at RunnersWorld and Bicycling and Men’s Health (all written by Andrew Dawson).

Article in Canadian Cycling.

Article in Reuters.

Articles in New York Times and HERE.

Article in REI.

Article in USA Today.

Audio interview with Leah Gruhn on BBC.

Article in Washington Post.

Article in RunUltra (UK).

Article in International Falls Journal and another, and a third.

Article in Duluth NewsTribune.

Article in CityPages.

Article in Grand Forks Herald.

CBC News interviews Dave Ristau.

Article in Business Insider.

Radio interview with Bill Bradley on NBRFM.

Photo in BoredPanda (#47).

Blog post by Robyn Reed (volunteer extraordinaire).

Blog post by Christopher Tassava.

Blog post by Huge Holstein.

Blog post by Daniel Slater.

Blog post by Ben Zvan.

Blog post by Ashley Heclo.

Blog post by Trenton J. Raygor.

Blog post by James Kiffmeyer.

Blog post by Patrick Greehan.

Photo gallery by Dave Markman

Photo gallery by Burgess Eberhardt.

Album of all finishers below.  Some notes:

  • These are in picture time order, not finish order.
  • Not all finishers had pics taken, sorry about that…
  • If you would like full-sized versions of these, let me know (via Contact Us page).


Album from International Falls Journal.  We have originals (large size).  Let us know if you would like the original pic: