Lots of good articles, blogs, and photo galleries.

Article about Sveta Vold – 3rd place female biker – nursing at checkpoints.

Article in New York Times.

Article in Star Tribune.

Article in Duluth News Tribune about Jim Reed and Scott Hoberg, co-1st place male runners.

Article in FasterSkier about Mike Brumbaugh, 1st place skier and new record holder.

Article in International Falls Journal.

Article by Melissa Friesen of the West End Weekly in Rainy River, ON.

Radio program in The Last Aid Station.

Articles by Phillip Gary Smith – 2016 Arrowhead 135: Racing ‘Round the Clock and THE SPIRIT OF ARROWHEAD AWARD: THE STORY.

Articles by Christopher Tassava, a biker.  First, and second (final?).

Article about Jill Martindale, 2nd place female biker.

Blog post by Jill Martindale.

Blog by Steve Cannon – a biker.  Part I, Part II, and Part III.  Note a picture of ‘the kill’ is shown…

Article in Salsa Cycles with Jay and Tracy Petervary.

Story by Lindsay Gauld.

Blog post by Jeff Rock, a runner.

Blog post by Ben Doom, a biker.

Article about Barry Buhr, a biker.

Blog post by Paul Zeigle, a biker.

Blog post by Judd Rohwer, a biker.

Blog post by Charlie Tri, a biker.

Blog post by Mark Scotch a skier, er biker this year.

Story by Kirk Ridenour, a runner.

Photos of bikers near Gateway by Lori Dobbs.

Photo gallery by Gear Junkie.

Photo gallery by International Falls Journal.

Video (from 2014) from Salsa, ‘The Push’.

Photo albums by Burgess Eberhardt, a snowmobiler volunteer.  Album 1, Album 2, and Album 3.

Album of all finishers: