Lots of good articles, blogs, and photo galleries.

Story by Joy Parker, Ernest Shackleton Award winner.

Todd Gabrielson’s side of Joy’s story.

And Lisa’s story, the Spirit of Arrowhead winner.

Interview/story by Jorden Wakeley, this year’s winner in the men’s bike division.

Interview with Tracy Petervary, 1st woman cyclist in this year’s race (by Christopher Tassava).

Story by Marcus Berggren, men’s running winner.

An account by Australian racer Grant Maughan of his 46-hour run at the Arrowhead.

Story by Christopher Tassava, a biker at this year’s Arrowhead.

Article about Christopher Tassava and Jerry Bilek, cyclists from Northfield.

Story and photo gallery in International Falls Journal about this year’s race.

Video of the finish of the men’s bike leaders.

An interview with cyclist Joe Stiller.

Story by David Gray, a cyclist competing in his 10th Arrowhead.

Story by Charlie Tri, a cyclist who finished 6th.

Story by Mark Scotch, a cyclist who finished 15th

Story by Marc Brown, a cyclist who finished 43rd.

Story by Heidi Perry, a runner in this year’s race.

Story by Guy Still from WCCO in Mpls, about various winter bike rides/races.

Article about Jason Husveth, a cyclist in this year’s race.

Video interview of Harvey Lewis, a runner who finished 2nd. Harvey also won Badwater last year.

Article by Sarah Barker in Dead Spin.

Photo gallery of the finisher pics on FB.  Go ahead and tag yourself.

Photo gallery by John Bertram, a runner in this year’s race.

Photos by Chris Gibbs.

Photo gallery by Dan Luebke, a cyclist in this year’s race.

Photo gallery by Scott Mark, a volunteer in this year’s race.

Album of check-ins:

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Album by John Spartz, super finish line volunteer:

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