LAST UPDATE 20:00.  All competitors have finished!  All within time limit!  Corrado Buzzolan earns the Shackleton Expedition Award for the most time on the course.

I need a nap.

Update 2/1 15:00.  Ten runners left on course…

Update 2/1 11:05.  Everyone (who could) has made it through the final checkpoint.  A few more runners dropped and a few more finished.  The final checkpoint is also now closed.  The campfire at the finish is delightful…

Update 2/1 08:49.  Busy morning at final checkpoint – Ski Pulk.  Another dozen runners traveled through.  A couple of more finishers, as well.  It should get busy here at the finish sooooon.

Update 2/1 05:36.  Busy night at the final checkpoint – Ski Pulk.  Or as a few grizzled race veterans say – the Tepee of Despair… A dozen runners n skiers traveled through that checkpoint overnight.  The finish line should get busy soooon.

Update 2/1 05:07.  A quiet night at the finish line (and 3 hours of sleep).  Just a few finishers, but now the runners have arrived.  4 have finished.  Should be a busy morning.

Update 1/31 20:36.  1st runner to finish!  New course record?!?  Yes, confirmed!

Update 1/31 16:12.  Updates from Mary at MelGeorge complete.  Go to Results page.  Runners on their way!

Update 1/31 14:43.  Lots of finishers recorded.  First runner through last checkpoint!  Also MelGeorge checkpoint has closed.  I'll get updates from Mary soooon.

Update 1/31 11:23.  Up from a short nap…  Lots of activity.  Competitors are up and moving!  Lots of new updates posted on the Results page.  There's even some sun in the sky…

Update 1/31 05:54.  Casey Krueger 1st skier.  22:05.  15th overall. Broke previous men's skier record by 14+ hours.   Double wow!

Update 1/31 03:52.  Back awake…  Eszter Horanyi 1st woman in at 12:18 this morning.  9th overall.  Broke previous women's record by almost 2 hrs.  Wow!

Update 1/30 23:11.  Kevin Breitenbach inches out Tim Berntson by a wheel width!  Pictures forthcoming.

Update 1/30 21:23.  7 riders have passed through Ski Pulk tent checkpoint.  1 skier passed through MelGeorge.  Results page has all the details. Time for me to get outside and watch for the leaders finishing at Fortune Bay!

Update 1/30 19:53.  3 leaders have entered and exited the last checkpoint (Ski Pulk tent).  Check the Results page.

Update 1/30 17:25.  About a dozen cyclists have entered and exited MelGeorge's Resort checkpoint.  I heard runners are starting to arrive at Gateway Store checkpoint.  The MelGeorge times for have been updated on the Results page.  Still waiting to hear updates from 3 pm from Gateway….

Update 1/30. 14:42.  I'm about to take off for the finish – Fortune Bay.  I'll be offline for an hour or so.

Update 1/30 14:11.  Only a dozen riders left to arrive at Gateway.  Only 6 skiers left to arrive.  No runners, yet….

Update 1/30 13:20 PM.  More skiers arrived at Gateway.  A few have departed.  Still waiting on first runners.

Update 1/30 12:15 PM.  First skier made it to the Gateway Store checkpoint at 11:31.  Wow!  Check the Results page.

Update: 1/30 10:55 AM.  Bike leaders through Gateway checkpoint around 10:25.  Results page updated.

And they're off!  A balmy 10 deg this morning at International Falls. 

Check back here throughout the day for updates.  The Results page will also include racers' times as they enter and leave checkpoints.

Here are the bikers starting at 7 AM.