Lots of people taking pictures and video of 2012 Arrowhead.  Pics/blogs up as they come in:

Race retrospective from Jeremy Kershaw.

An excellent article n gallery by Minnesota Public Radio (Derek Montgomery).

Chris Gibbs/Photographer: http://www.c5photo.com/Site/Events/Pages/Arrowhead_135_-_2012.html

Post Race Pics and more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57327383@N03/

Fine video by Tim Harincarhttp://vimeo.com/37057182

Bill Bradley Crew Video: http://vimeo.com/37968139  


Blog post by Heidi.

Blog post by Surly Bikes.

Blog post by Tim.

Article by Lisa Paulos.

Lisa’s blog.

Blog post by Death Rider.

Article about Parker Rios. 


Pics by JkCadence.

Blog post by Ben.

Blog post by Craig.

Blog post by Charly Tri.

Blog post by Matt Maxwell.

Blog post by Eszter.

Blog post by Mark Scotch.


Photo album by John Bertram.

Kevin a KKevinKevinKevinKevin“Arrowhead 135, The Movie” HERE.