2010 Race Results Chart

The 2010 Arrowhead 135 mile event was the first Monday of February 1st through Wednesday the 3rd.

Bike, foot or ski.  The 2010 event took place in a mass start at 7:03 am Monday on the Blue Ox trail/Arrowhead trailhead in downtown International Falls, MN USA aka “Frostbite Falls”.  The Nations Icebox.


Temps at the start in 2010 were pretty darn cold, -21F at start, maybe near 0F midday, dropped to -20F degrees at dusk on the trail. The wind was calm and the moon close to full. Wolf spectators were watching on the trail. Racers and sled drivers spotted a huge wolf standing on the trail, the leaders had and injured wolf jogging ahead on the trail for 10-15 minutes or so about mid-race.

Of 102 starters,  a record 61 finishers under 60 hours.  Apparently it was too easy.

  • 38 of 52 bikers finished
  • 19 of 45 on foot finished
  • 4 of 5 skiers finished
  • 2 of 5 women finished

Official Firsts/Lasts

  • First biker, first overall- Jeff Oatley of Alaska started 7:03 am Mon. and finished at 23:20 Mon. night for a total time of 16 hours 17 minutes.
  • Bikers, Pete Basinger and David Pramann were within seconds of the first finisher for second and third place in a fairly dramatic sprint finish.
  • First woman biker, well-known Alaskan Adventure-Woman, Janice Tower of Alaska established a new course record of 26h 46 min.
  • First foot, Zach Gingerich, finished at 21:02 Tuesday in 37h 59min for a new course record.
  • First skier, Jim Reed arrived at 11:50am Wed. in 52h 47min.
  • Youngest Finisher- Christian Arel age 17, finished on bike on Wed. We will no longer recognize a “youngest” category.
  • Lone Wolf award went to Bill Bradley for arriving last at the Melgeorges checkpoint.
  • Last finisher, John Taylor on foot completed the Arrowhead at 18:14 on Wed. in 59h 11min.