2007 results chart

It was a tough year with the lowest temperatures and the ugliest trail conditions so far. We thought the groomed part of the trail south of Myrtle would be better, but it was actually worse. The official temp at the airport during the start was -28F and -35F at low spots on the trail Monday night. Only 10 of 46 that started were able to finish. Congratulations to all the 2007 finishers!!

A milestone was reached by Sarah Lowell as the first woman ever to finish on foot and the only person to finish on foot this year.

Special thanks to our volunteers: Don Clark, the “gear nazi”, Rick Lindquist, Mary Pramann, Gretchen Haas, Rick Mangan, Eric Gustafson, Todd Gabrielson and Jean Curnow at Melgeorge’s Checkpoint, and to the snowmobile crew: Reijo Vastila, Jonathan Yeakel, Steve Bobusch and several racers that helped on snowmobile once they had dropped out of the race, including Ron Kadera & Kevin Ishaag.

We would also like to make special note of several heroic efforts to save or assist other racers/crew in tough shape– by Kevin Ishaag, Dave Simmons, Chris Finch (The savior with a thermos), PJ Ramstack, Ron Kadera and Don Gabrielson. Thanks guys, you epitomize the spirit of the Arrowhead event. Your special award is a case of soup.

We appreciate the extra support of Calvin at Park Tool, County Cycle, QBP-Surly-Salsa, Clif Bar, Skipulk, Brazil 135, Phil and Ellen Hart, the people at the Gateway Store; Carla & Steve and their Melgeorge’s Resort and Elephant Lake Checkpoint; and Bob and Tess at the Bayview Lodge finish line at Lake Vermillion/Tower.