The handmade Arrowhead Trophy:


The 2007 Pre-race meeting International Falls:

Pre-race Meeting

The race officials: Pierre Ostor- Director, Cheryl Ostor- Directrice/Webmaster:

Race Officials

The Weather Monday, Feb 5th Morning: -28F degrees, -45 windchill; Daytime High -6F degrees; Night -35F degrees.


The Arrowhead Trail signs:

Trail sign

The Arrowhead Trail start:

Trail sign

Foot racer John Storkamp:


The racing lights

bike lights

The bike racers Dave Simpson and ninja? at checkpoint


The 2007 overall/bike winner, Dave Gray aka "twinkle toes":


Frosty finisher Finch:


Myrtle Turtle award:

Myrtle Turtle

Sarah Lowell, first foot, first woman:

Sarah Lowell

Finisher Ken Krueger, bike/foot division:

Ken Krueger

Finish Line Brazil Flag, Carles, Sarah, Seve Bobusch, Marta, Mario, Cheryl, Pierre, Bill Shand:

Finish Brazil flag