2009 Results

2009 Race Results Chart

The 2009 event took place Monday, February 2-4, 2009 on a staggered start at 7am Monday on the Arrowhead Trail near International Falls, MN USA. There were gear checks and pre-race meeting the Saturday and Sunday before.

We did a play- by- play in the Blog on our website and we will post a spreadsheet on the results page over this weekend at Http://www.arrowheadultra.com/results.htm.

Check the Blog for photos, race reports, and more detailed results.


Temps at the start were about -5F degrees and at night dropped to -34Fdegrees in Tower and probably 5 degrees colder on the trail.

Of 59 starters, 24 finished the Arrowhead in under 60 hours and 1 was disqualified for getting lost and taking a car ride back to the trail.

Official Firsts/Lasts